About Institution

Aishwarya Education Charitable Trust: The AECT was formed in 1996 with an noble intention of providing quality education and service to the society.

The Education activities started by establishing Aishwarya School of Nursing in the year 1997 .

To provide education — general medical, Paramedical and professional services to the society. It also intends to under-take projects, schemes, programs of all kinds to improve the social, educational and cultural dimensions of the society.



Our mission is to be at the forefront of nursing education, serving the needs of the community.

To achieve the mission, the we will:

  • Recognize, develop and support excellence in both learning and teaching
  • Serve as a centre for the cultural and intellectual enrichment of our community.
  • Prepare students to live and work successfully in an international environment.


To provide education of the best quality that would instil values, imbibe compassion,impart ethics, generate employment and enhance the decision making skills of the students.

Secretary Message

The secret to a successful education is in the perfect combination of theoretical skills and practical experience. Every individual has infinite potential that we strongly believe can be nurtured into limitless ability.

Our personal approach will help you identify your core skills and generate opportunities to develop new ones


Pushpa Nagaraj

Secretary Aishwarya Educational and Charitable Trust